Rest and Relaxation

As a centre of business and politics, Bangkok is a busy metropolis. It houses the country’s major financial institutions and business centres. Tourists and business...


Getting Around Bangkok

As a major metropolitan area, Bangkok offers tourists a number of ways to navigate the city. Traveling by car is done on major roadways entering...


Touring Royal Palaces

Thailand is a constitutional monarchy and still honors its King and Royal Family. Throughout the years, many royal residences have been built. The Suan Pakkad...

For tourists that love to shop, Siam Square is the where they want to be in Thailand. This is the main shopping district for individuals within the city of Bangkok. It contains Paragon, the largest shopping mall in Asia. This ultra-modern building houses the finest luxury brands known throughout the world. For shoppers interested in electronics or fashion, the MBK center is just to the east of Paragon and houses a wide variety of name brand products under one large roof.

Not every visitor is interested in modern malls when they visit Thailand. For those, the Siam Square area offers many small shops for tourists. Located on the south side of the Square, these are a combination of small gift shops and designer outlets that offer visitors an amazing variety of items. For tourists that feel faint with hunger, there are also a great number of small restaurants conveniently sprinkled through the square.